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How many lessons will I need?

This must be the most commonly asked question. Learning to drive is like any new skill you learn. The more you do it, the better you get. It is important to start your driving with a good foundation. This is what we call the "system of car control". Control of the vehicle as you approach intersections and hazards is paramount. The system emphasises this, and involves the use of mirror, signals, brakes and gears. You must also remember to let out the clutch after changing down the gears, allowing the engine to help control the vehicle as you turn. It may take a few lessons to get the hang of this. Then you will be up to a stage where it will be safe for you to get in some practice. We will tell you when you are at this stage. Everyone is different, and progresses at a varying rate.

You must remember all cars are different too. It may take you 40-50 minutes to get the feel of another car. You need to work on 15-20 hrs of driving before you sit the Restricted Test. This may be made up of 10-12 hrs practice and 5-6 lessons. If you cannot practice we would suggest two lessons a week. This will speed up the process. We will do our best to teach you as fast as you can learn thereby reducing the cost for you. You in return need to attend all lessons scheduled.